The Higher Lower Game – Browser Game

the higher lower game

The Higher Lower Game is a very slick and addictive browser game in which you must attempt to guess which words are searched for on Google the most, with an aim of getting as many right in a row as possible.

Playing a little like the classic higher lower card game, but replacing cards with Google search stats, you’re given the stats for one search on the left side of the screen and must guess if the if the search on the right side of the screen has more or less hits per month. Your aim is to get as many right in a row as possible, with you being treated to a fun meme GIF that either applauds your skill of mocks your ineptitude when you eventually fail.

It’s a fun and surprisingly addictive game that throws up some surprising results – such as the fact that ‘solitaire’ is reached for five million times a month – more than double the amount of hits Call of Duty or Megan Fox gets!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Higher Lower Game Here

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