The Hole in My Living Room – Downloadable Game

The Hole in My Living Room is a stylish monochrome eldritch horror game about a man who has an urge to feed meat into a large hole in his living room.

Created for the Amalgam Ash Pit Jam, The Hole in My Living Room is a short and unsettling first person horror game where you get obsessed with a hole. The hole in question is in your living room and it needs meat. You need to explore, search and solve puzzles as you try to find more meat to give it. It starts off with some meat from your fridge, but it’s not long until things get nasty!

The inventory system is a little awkward and the text could do with being a little larger (and it’s definitely not recommended for cat lovers), but it’s a great little horror game. The visual style and dungeon crawler style movement make for a unique experience and the hole manages to elicit a good amount of rear and dread. There’s no way that thing’s hunger’s ever going to be satisfied though!

Controls: Keyboard & Mouse

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download The Hole in My Living Room Here

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