The Hotel: Lost Contact – Doom Mod

The Hotel: Lost Contact is a very intense Backrooms inspired survival horror DOOM mod where an operative investigates a hotel where an entire SWAT team has gone missing.

Taking place in 1989, in The Hotel: Lost Contact you have been sent into a that’s had reports of anomalous sightings. A SWAT team was sent in before you, but they lost contact and no one’s heard from them since.

The current mod features two levels and is a very intense experience. The monsters are VERY fast, take a lot of bullets to bring down and can do some serious damage if they catch you. They can also pop out of holes in the walls, so you never feel safe the whole time you’re playing.

The guns could do with a little work and the game is incredibly hard, but it’s an excellent mod that’s genuinely terrifying. The Backrooms inspired setting works well and there are lots of interesting places to find within its labyrinthine corridors (if you can survive long enough to see them!)

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: GZDoom

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Hotel: Lost Contact Here

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