The Human Benchmark – Browser Game

Human Benchmark Game

The Human Benchmark is a quick and fun little series of tests designed to test and increase the power of your brain.

The Human Benchmark offers four different brain training tests that test your number memory, reaction times, verbal memory and visual memory, giving you a breakdown of statistics of each and showing you how high (or how low) you scored when compared to the rest of the population.

The Numbers Memory rest sees you attempting to memorize longer and longer sequences of numbers. The Reaction Time Test simply requires you to click the mouse as soon as it tells you too and measures the delay. The Verbal Memory test sees you attempting to remember if it’s shown you certain words before or not. And the Visual Memory test sees you attempting to remember patterns of lights on increasingly complex grids.

It’s a fun little game that highlights how remarkable the human brain is, various different skills it’s capable of and how diverse different types of intelligence are. What’s your benchmark?

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: All Browsers

Play Human Benchmark Here

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