The Journey Of Me – Browser Game

Journey of me

The Journey of Me is a fantastic fourth wall-breaking pixel art adventure in which you force a peaceful prince to do things against his will.

Created by Yodog and taking around fifteen minutes for a playthrough, The Journey of Me impresses with it’s witty dialogue and innovative game design.  The prince is more than happy to relax in his castle, until you take control of him, making him move and fight against his will.  As the prince grows more and more disgusted by your actions, what transpires is a battle for control between you and him and an existential look at the conventions and mentality of video games.

Throughout the short playtime of The Journey of Me, the prince does make you reflect on your actions, but you (much like the prince) are unable to do anything else as you carry on towards your goal.  In this sense the game plays you as much as you play the game.

It’s a wonderfully crafted fifteen minute adventure full of great pixel art animation, humor, innovation and clever insights into gaming mentality.  Very clever stuff – a game with wit far sharper than the sword you wield.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  A – Sprint,  S – Bomb,  D – Attack

Available On:  All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Note:  You don’t have to connect with Facebook, but we’d certainly recommend it for some fourth-wall breaking fun.

Play The Journey Of Me Here

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