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the last door game

The Last Door is a well crafted Lovecraftian point and click adventure that sees you investigating the disappearance (and probable death) of your childhood friend after receiving a cryptic message from him.

As you explore your fiends deserted home, The Last Door weaves a very macabre tale, riddled with corpses and occult experiments (you actually hang yourself during the opening sequence).  The puzzle design is intelligent and satisfyingly morbid  – for example, one puzzle actually requires the use of a twitching, half-dead crow.

As you uncover more of this dark tale, the audio and pixel art animation work wonderfully together to create a gloomy and oppressive feeling – bad things have clearly happened in this mansion.  The current build is part one of a series of games from the developer, by the end of this episode you’ll be dying to unearth more of this tale of death and dark magic.  The Last Door is a door that’s very much worth opening.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Win, Browsers

Play The Last Door Here (First Episode Free, $0.99 Each Thereafter)

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