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the last light

The Last Light is a very creepy first person horror in which you play a high school student who gets trapped in a subway system after a mysterious power outage and must find a way to escape while avoiding the shadowy entity that is chasing you.

You’re trapped in the underground rail system and desperately need to get back to your brother, but a terrifying shadowy entity stalks the passageways and will devour any it touches. Your only weapon against the entity is light, so you must use various light sources such as a rechargeable flashlight or flares to repel it while you make your escape. As well as the entity you’ll also have random power outages to contend with, requiring you to switch circuit breakers, use portable power supplies and re-route power. You do have some assistance from a someone on the radio, but on the whole it’s you and your wits against the darkness that haunts the subway.

The audio and visual design are impressive throughout The Last Light, especially the monster – a terrifying mass of black smoke and eerie screeches that are guaranteed to send shivers up your spine. When the light goes out in this game you really will be afraid of the dark!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB/RMB – Recharge Flashlight, F – Flashlight, R – Activate Flare, Mouse Roller – Switch Items

Available On: Windows Only

Download The Last Light Here

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