The Last of Legs – Downloadable Game

The Last of Legs is a bizarre little first person horror game where you spend the whole time looking down at your own feet.

Created for the Shattering Realities game jam, The Last of Legs is a horror game that’s literally a walking sim. The game follows the story of a man who spins a little too much on a nightclub dance floor and ends up trapped in a surreal, nightmarish reality. He’ll now need to explore and solve a few puzzles, while spending the whole time looking at his feet.

It’s a silly and entertainingly weird little horror game that manages to do quite a lot considering the limitations of the viewpoint and simple controls. A particularly fun touch is how the legs and feet change throughout the game as you descend deeper into your bizarre walking nightmare!

Controls: W/S – Movement, Mouse – Rotation, E – Interact

Available On: Windows and Browser

Download or Play The Last of Legs Here

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