The Last Samurai – Browser Game

The last samurai

The Last Samurai blends Super Meat Boy’s agile platforming with Broforce’s fully destructible terrain to create a fun, and addictive action platformer.

Your goal in each level is to make it past guards and traps to the end of the level, collecting optional bonus scrolls as you go.  Strangely, you seem to be more of a ninja than a samurai, capable of great acts of agility and able to hurl bombs and ninja stars.  What makes The Last Samurai stand out from your average action platformer is the fully destructible level terrain, allowing you plenty of freedom to forge your own routes to the goal.

The agility of the protagonist and the fully destructible level maps combined with a catchy soundtrack and excellent pixel art animation, makes The Last Samurai a joy to play (even if you’re really a ninja).

Controls: WASD – Movement,  K – Ninja Stars,  L – Bomb

Available On:  All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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