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The Last Thing She Saw is a touching and rage inducingly tough narrative-driven precision platformer that recounts a touching tale of love as you guide the last ever photon someone will ever see through a series of challenging levels.

In The Last Thing She Saw you literally are the last thing that someone will ever see. You’re the last photon that will hit the eye of a dying woman and as you make your way through the hazard-filled levels towards her eyes then you’ll learn a deeply personal story about her. It’s a touching tale of love, but to take all of it in you’ll need some serious precision platforming skills as The Last Thing She Saw is REALLY hard.

Your little glowing photon continually bounces through the levels, with you able to control the height of the jump and your left to right movement. The controls are precise but the levels soon get extremely tough so you’ll die fast and often. If you’re feeling particularly brave you can try to collect the optional collectable hearts, but you’ll need some superhuman platforming skills to collect them all.

It’s a beautiful little game with a great visual style and a wonderfully touching narrative. Most players will never reach the narrative’s conclusion but learning more of the story is a great incentive to keep going after dying for the 100th time!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download The Last Thing She Saw Here

2 thoughts on “The Last Thing She Saw – Download Game”

  1. Hey there,

    Snowy here! (The dev)
    Just wanted to stop by and say massive thanks for playing! I really appreciate the effort!
    Hope you enjoyed playing the game and experiencing the story that came with it as much as I had crafting them.

    I’ll fully admit to some of the hearts being just agonizing to get (but still very much possible!); I’ll probably be updating the game to make some of them a little more forgiving on the player in the future (together with the “main” path to the exit; there’s some real devilish levels in the game).

    Anyway, thanks again!
    ~Snowy <3

    1. Hi! You’re welcome! It’s a great game, really love the premise and the narrative, glad to spread the word! Yeah I didn’t have the skill to grab all the heart, I’m sure other players will appreciate the challenge though. Awesome work! 🙂

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