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The Legend of Kassappa offers a fun blend of billiards and dungeon crawling as you use a cue ball to knock your band of adventurers around tables filled with enemies, traps and loot.

In The Legend of Kassappa you attempt to guide three heroes (a mage, a rogue and a barbarian), through a series of billiard table-styled dungeons. To exit each dungeon you just have to use the cue ball to pot your adventurers in any of the holes. This starts off easily, but things get much tougher later on as obstacles, enemies, booby traps and locks are introduced.

Every turn that you take you must hit at least one of your heroes with the cue ball or they will lose some health and eventually die. Each of the heroes also has unique skills – the barbarian is strong, the rogue can dodge traps and the mage can teleport through walls. Going straight for the pockets isn’t always the best option as there’s also useful loot to collect from fallen enemies that you can use to upgrade your heroes stats.

Some of the ‘ball’ physics could do with a little work, but other than that The Legend of Kassappa is a fantastic fusion of two very different genres. A fun mix of dungeon crawling and billiards where each table makes for a bite sized quest.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download The Legend of Kassappa Here (Link at Bottom of Page)

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