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The Librarian game

The Librarian is a well crafted third person puzzle platforming adventure in which you explore a Great Library populated by characters from the pages of Alice in Wonderland.

In The Librarian you control a young warden who must guard a Great Library that’s imbued with an ancient mystical power. Needless to say things don’t go well for the young warden, and he soon sets out on an adventure that bends and breaks the rules of his reality.

It’s a fun game with impressive visuals, a nice variety of puzzles, interesting characters and plenty of surprises. A book based puzzle platforming adventure that’s well worth opening.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows Only

Note: After rescuing the rabbit you have to go through a small door on the opposite side of the library. It’s quite hard to notice though!

Download The Librarian Here

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  1. I’m on a Mac so I haven’t played it, but knowing librarians, they’re going to be really angry if that character can’t demonstrate he’s got a master’s in library science.

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