The Lighthouse – Download Game

The Lighthouse Game Download

The Lighthouse is a short, sweet and beautifully crafted little point and click adventure in which you help a bear fix the lighthouse he’s looking after,

The Lighthouse was created by a team compsed of three devs who are used to working on AAA games for studios such as Microsoft Games Studios and Riot Games. Taking around five minutes to complete, it’s a short and super sweet little game with superb audio and visual design.

It tells a tale of an adorable little bear who’s on the first night working at a lighthouse when the bulb breaks. Obvioulsy, he doesn’t want anything to go wrong on his first night so you’ll need to find some way to fix it (which can require some a little thinking outside of the box).

Your time with the little bear and his lighthouse may be brief, but it’s perfectly formed – full of atmoshpere, charm, great audio design and beautiful pixel art animation. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Full Walkthrough Video: Here

Download The Lighthouse Here

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