The Lovely Estate – Downloadable Game

The Lovely Estate is a surreal comedy horror adventure where you control a mysterious crazed intruder as they attempt to track down an elusive man down in a weird apartment complex.

In The Lovely Estate you take control of a rather intimidating and dangerous looking lady who swaggers into a strange apartment complex in search of a target. Interestingly the game is mainly viewed from other characters’ perspective in second person (as well as fixed camera third-person), and you get to hear all their thoughts on your character as you interrogate them.

The Lovely Estate is very weird and confusing, but it’s also fascinating and entertaining and unique. The vividly colored PS1 era visuals look great, the voice acting is very well done and it’s a lot of fun meeting (and intimidating) all the residents. Very weird and very enjoyable.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download The Lovely Estate Here

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