The Mad Gear: Go Right and Fight – Download Game

The Mad Gear: Go Right and Fight is a super silly beat ‘em up in which five members of a band rock out and beat up robots, monsters, ninjas and other oddities across five levels of retro arcade side scrolling action.

Playable in singleplayer or multiplayer, in The Mad Gear: Go Right and Fight you can choose between five members of a band, each with their own special skill and preferred instrument, then set out on an old school beat ‘em up rampage. The combat isn’t the most sophisticated in the world, with you just able to punch, kick and use a special, but you do have the ability to rock out at any time by pressing ‘C’, which not only looks and sounds cool but also charges your stamina bar.

The narrative is thoroughly ridiculous and lampoons the bizarre plots of 80’s/90’s arcade games parody of classic arcade games. One minute you’re fighting ninjas on a rooftop, the next you’re battling skeletons in a graveyard. In fact you could probably guess the location of the final level before you get there.

The Mad Gear: Go Right and Fight isn’t the most sophisticated of games, but it sure is fun and is packed full of silly twists and humor. A good old fashioned retro arcade romp well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Punch, X – Kick, C – Rock Out, Spacebar – Jump, Z+X – Special

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: You Can Switch to Fullscreen By Pausing The Game once It’s Started (Press ‘Return’) then selecting ‘Full Screen’

Download The Mad Gear: Go Right and Fight Here

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