The Man Man – Browser Game

The Man Man is a fun little reverse horror QWOP-like where you control a serial killer with no bones as he attempts to slay his next victim.

Created by Corpsepile (creator of ARD and Virtual Open House) The Man Man is a lighthearted (but also oddly unsettling) little reverse horror game where you’re a serial killer with a crippling disability – you have no bones. The lack of bones understandably makes moving a little bit awkward, with you mashing the Q, W, E, A, S and D keys to wiggle your body parts in different directions. Thankfully your victim is a heavy sleeper, but you’ll still need to master your wiggling technique to navigate his house (and complete a trickier end section).

It’s a fun little mash-up of horror and QWOP-like gameplay with a generous helping of humor. The way your murderous boneless character wriggles out from under the bed is particulasly disconcerting and the finale really raises the stakes of the silliness.

Controls: QWEASD – Wriggle

Available On: Browser

Play The Man Man Here

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