The Map Zoom Quiz – Browser Game

The Map Zoom Quiz Game

The Map Zoom Quiz is a simple Google Maps-based game in which you attempt to identify various places in the world as the map zooms out from a starting zoomed-in location.

In The Map Zoom Quiz you are given a selection of locations based on the type of quiz category you choose from. Current categories range from street maps of European Cities to photographic maps of famous golf courses. At each location you start fully zoomed in and can either make a guess as to where it is or click the ‘Zoom Out’ button. Each time you zoom out you’ll see more of the location, but also the points that you’ll be able to score for a correct answer will decrease. Complete all the locations and you’ll be given a percentage rating that will most likely make you look like a total geography dunce!

The Map Zoom Quiz is a simple premise that’s very well executed and makes for a fun and addictive way to test your knowledge of the World. A clever concept well worth zooming in on.

Controls: Keyboard & Mouse

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Map Zoom Quiz Here

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