The Mist – Downloadable Game Boy Color ROM

The Mist is a Lovecraftian horror adventure for Game Boy Color, which follows the story of a religious man who’s sent to work on a remote lighthouse that’s home to some very dark secrets.

In The Mist you’re sent to work for a few months in a lighthouse where the previous keeper mysteriously went missing. Your tasks involve lighting the lighthouse’s lamp each night and praying in the chapel (your religious beliefs were a big factor in you being chosen for the job). However, there’s a big storm rolling in and you’re haunted by strange dreams at night. It seems something is calling to you from below the lighthouse…

The game does have a few grammatical errors (which are understandable as English isn’t the dev’s primary language), but other than that The Mist is a fantastic little horror adventure. Considering the limited capabilities of the Game Boy Color, the pixel artwork on display in the game is supers, particularly the cut-scenes and the way the lighting of the environment changes throughout the game. The story is well told too and there are two different endings for you to find based on your actions. It makes for a fine addition to the Game Boy Color’s game library and you can even purchase an official physical edition too if you want to play it on some OG hardware. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Game Boy (via Emulator). Demo available in browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Mist Here (Game Boy Color ROM)

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