The Monkey Fortunetell – Download & Browser Game

monkey fortunetell

The Monkey Fortunetell is a very silly fortune telling game that features a superb soundtrack, some dangerous dance moves and mystical fortune telling monkeys.

To reveal your fortune, you simply shake a barrel full of monkeys then cast them onto a special board to reveal your fortune.  Obviously it’s pretty doubtful that these monkeys really can tell the future, but they sure know how to have a good time!

The dancing monkey on the title screen and barrel shaking screen is superb as it busts some serious shapes to the sci-fi dubstep theme tune that accompanies it.  The Monkey Fortunetell really is a blast – fabulous far-out fun from some funktastic furry fortunetellers.

Controls: Mouse – Shake those Monkeys!

Available On: Mobile, Windows or Browser

Play Monkey Fortunetell in a Browser or Download it Here

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