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The Navigator is a chilled out 2D puzzle platformer that sees you using a grappling hook to help you align celestial objects to allow you to continue your journey through the seas.

Drawing inspiration from The Little Prince and the Pixar short, La Luna, The Navigator sees you taking control of a young boy who is travelling through the high seas and must rearrange the planetoids in the sky to allow him to continue his journey. Each level starts with you in your little ship and you must use your grappling hook to climb up onto the little planetoids above you, then try to make your way to a little swirling symbol (usually) near the center of the screen. You can reposition the planets to aid your progress, by grabbing them with the grappling hook and pulling them towards you, but his only works if you are standing on a larger planet than the one you’re trying to move.

The first two chapters of The Navigator do feel a little too easy, but once the game introduces the use of light sources in chapter three it allows for much more complex and satisfying level design. It’s a delightful little puzzle game with a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere, excellent atmosphere and inventive use of its planet pulling mechanics. A beautiful, relaxing and cerebral little seafaring adventure well worth embarking on.

Controls: W/D – Movement, W – Throw Grapple, S – Pull Planet

Available On: Windows & Mac (Steam)

Download The Navigator Here

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