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The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy is a fast paced grid-based pirate warfare game that sees you commanding your crew of babies as they load cannons and fix decks while sinking ships crewed by chickens!

In The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy you take on the role of a captain who is tired of his crew overthrowing him, so has decided to crew his ship with babies (known for being incapable of mutiny and for having an insatiable lust for blood). You must now command these babies as your ship does battle with ships crewed with chickens. Everybody knows babies make better pirates than chickens – they’ll be chicken nuggets in no time!

Battles in The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy take place in 5×5 grids in the center of each ship. You command your babies to pick up cannonballs and take them to the cannon, where you can then choose an area of the enemy ship to destroy. Meanwhile, the chickens are attempting to destroy your boat using their cannon. You need to command your babies to repair your decks, whilst using your shots to maximise the coverage of the damage your cannonballs do. Once a certain percentage of a ship’s deck space is blown up then then that ship will lose and you’ll go onto the next battle.

It’s a fun game with a wonderfully weird premise, a nice sense of humor, excellent pixel art animation and fast paced tactical chicken battling pirate warfare. A brilliantly bizarre strategic pirate warfare game well worth setting sail for.

Controls: Mouse – Point & CLick

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy Here

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