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The One Spell is a stylish puzzle platforming adventure that sees you conquering a mysterious cave system with just a humble shield spell.

In The One Spell you take on the roll of a mage who is using his mastery of a simple shield spell to explore a cavern system in search of crystals and the all powerful One Spell. It may only be a shield spell but it’s surprisingly versatile, allowing you to avoid damage, destroy blocks, propel yourself through the air and even float in the updrafts.

It’s a well crafted little adventure with inventive level design that manages to squeeze plenty of different uses out of a simple shield spell. Sure it may not be the flashiest of spells but it can save your life and help you conquer the cave system – maybe you don’t need the all powerful One Spell when one shield spell is gets the job done nicely!

Controls: Control Pad Recommended. If using a keyboard and mouse you’ll need to change the controls in the unity launcher (they’re set up for an AZERTY keyboard by default).

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The One Spell Here

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