The Painted Lady – Browser Game

the painted lady

The Painted Lady is a beautiful, melancholic narrative about an anthropomorphic prostitute who deals with the constant parade of clients, engaging in small talk and giving massages with a happy ending – although it’s unlikely she’ll ever get hers.

The Painted Lady is more of a short narrative experience than a game, you have a limited amount of actions which have no effect on the way the game plays out (which is probably the point – you’re stuck here no matter what you do). When a client arrives you can either massage them first or just skip straight to the sex. If you decide to massage the clients, they often praise you, saying you’re talented and that they could help you find a better life, but they’re hollow promises from hollow people, in the end they always get their rocks off, pay and leave.

In between client visits you can apply a bit of paint to your body, it doesn’t affect the narrative and wears of pretty quickly, it could possibly be an allegory for drug use or just a way for the character to look and feel a little less like herself for a short time. From her (understandable) lack of passion and cues in her surroundings, it’s clear she’s been in this profession for a long time and that she doesn’t really see any way out any time soon. You’ll certainly remember your brief time with her though – a short and powerful little experience that conveys a lot about the protagonist even though she never utters a single word.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Warning: Contains Adult Content

Play The Painted Lady Here

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