The Penjikent Creature – Downloadable Game

The Penjikent Creature is a fun little low poly horror game where an archeologist goes to inspect an ancient painting that depicts a mysterious forsaken creature.

In The Penjikent Creature you are an archeologist who has tracked down a Sogdian painting from the 6th century. The painting is at the house of an old woman, who claims that her great grandfather found it. After sitting down for a quick chat with her, you then go up into the attic in search of the painting. Things don’t go as planned!

It’s a simple and well executed horror game with multiple endings to discover, some interesting lore, great scares and a touch of humor. The low poly visual style works well and there are some great little touches throughout, such as the way the painting changes after you uncover it, or the way the dialogue changes on your second playthough. See if you can unearth the mysteries of The Penjikent Creature.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Penjikent Creature Here

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