The People’s Tree 2021 – Browser Game

The People’s Tree 2021 is a communal online Christmas tree which allows anyone to visit, view the decorations and create their own decorations to hang up.

Essentially an updated version of last year’s The People’s Tree, the 2021 edition features a large Christmas tree in a cozy indoor setting which allows every visitor to create and hang a single decoration. There’s a nice selection of bauble shapes to choose from and you can choose three different colors to paint them. You can then leave your name, location and a little Christmas message for others to see.

It’s a delightful little experience that helps create a fun sense of community and get you in the Christmas spirit. Interestingly this is only stage one of the event, but it seems you’ll have to wait until Dec 25th to find out what stage 2 has in store!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser or Windows via the HPS1 Madvent Calendar

Play The People’s Tree 2021 Here

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