The People’s Tree – Download Game

The People’s Tree is a huge communal Christmas tree that everyone can visit, decorate with personalised baubles and view baubles other players have left!

Originally created for the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar, The People’s Tree has now been released in a standalone form. In the game you can visit a beautiful Christmas tree in a charming Wintery setting which changes depending on what time of day it is (visit after 7pm for nighttime).

All of the decorations that hang on the tree are created by people who visit the tree and you can click on them to get a better look at them and read the little message that each creator has left behind. What’s more, you can create your own bauble and hang it on the tree too, leaving a nice festive message for others to discover with it.

It’s a wonderful concept that helps usher in a bit of communal Christmas spirit in what has been a particularly trying year. Check it out to share and spread a bit of festive joy.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard – Point, Click & Type

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download The People’s Tree Here

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