THE PIT – Downloadable Game

THE PIT is a fast paced little parkour platforming game where you wall-run and teleport your way down to the bottom of a pit while slicing up cultists that get in your way.

In THE PIT you find yourself trapped in a deep and dark pit and as you can’t escape upwards, you need to descend down to the bottom instead. You’re pretty agile, able to run, jump, wall-jump, climb and wall-run, though you do have to be wary of the various pitfalls and the fireball-hurling cultists that attack you.

As you make your way down through the pit you also come across a sword and weird lovecraftian skull that grants you the ability to teleport. The teleport ability needs to be recharged by either standing on recharge points or slaying a certain amount of cultists – which is where the sword comes in handy!

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a great little game that has a nice blend of humor, parkour platforming, combat and Eldritch horror. It controls very well and you can get a satisfying flow going on as you jump, teleport and slice your way down to the bottom of the pit. See what unholy horrors you discover down there!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download THE PIT Here

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