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The Potato Nightmare is a challenging tower defense game in which you need to use randomised potato powered light beacons to see your enemies before you can blast them with your towers.

In The Potato Nightmare you have a nice selection of units available, each of which can be upgraded significantly, however none of your units will actually hit the enemies unless they’re lit up by the light from potato powered light beacons that you place around the map. The light emitted from these light beacons is in the form of randomized Tetris-esque shapes so it takes a little work getting them to fit together optimally, but they are pretty hands as not only do they illuminate the enemies, but they slow them down significantly too.

As you progress you’ll earn two types of currency that can be used to purchase more powerful units and upgrade units. There’s a nice selection of enemies to deal with, including bosses and flying enemies that can pose a serious threat if you’re not prepared. One of your biggest advantages is being able to create mazes for the creeps to travel along by placing your towers strategically (as in Desktop Tower Defense), instead of them just following a predefined route as in most tower defense games.

It’s a fun, challenging and very addictive game with great visual design and gameplay that has a nice amount of nuance to it that makes it a hard to master. A charming and challenging potato-based tower defense game well worth shining a (potato) light on.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, WASD – Camera Movement, Middle Mouse Button – Rotate Tower, Spacebar – Start Next Wave

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Tip: Keep an eye on the swarm that’s coming next in the top left corner and make sure you’re prepared for flying enemies – normal turrets won’t attack them!

Download The Potato Nightmare Here

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