The Puff Up Club – Browser Game

The Puff Up Club

The Puff Up Club is a strangely addictive massively multiplayer ‘game’ in which players from all around the world work together, pressing a button as fast as they can and attempt to fill up a balloon with air until it bursts.

When loading up The Puff Up Club’s website players are treated to a live video stream of a balloon in a box. This balloon is connected to an air supply which will inject a small burst of air each time players achieve a certain amount of clicks. Once the balloon gets large enough it will reach the knife blade at the other side of the box and pop. The amount of clicks required is increasing each time the balloon is popped – the first balloon only required 6128 clicks to blow up the balloon, while the sixth balloon required 2964929 clicks – but the number of players is growing too so many hands make light work (or balloons pop).

The Puff Up Club was created as at part of an exhibition by Alexander Calder, Peter Fischli and David Weiss that focuses on fleeting and precarious moments of fragile balance. The Puff Up Club certainly fits well with this theme and also makes for a strangely riveting experience – especially when the balloon’s almost ready to burst!

Controls:  Click To Puff

Available On:  All Browsers

Play The Puff Up Club Here

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