The Quite Annoying League – Downloadable Game

Super Annoying League game

The Quite Annoying League is a wonderfully mischievous narrative based puzzler in which you control the actions of some of the most (quite) annoying people in the world as they attempt to make a woman’s train drive as mildly unpleasant as possible.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, you take it in turns with the various Quite Annoying League operatives to irritate one passenger by just the right amount. This is mostly done through dialogue actions with characters like ‘Seat Stealing Woman’ or ‘Smalltalk Man’, but also through actions of characters such as ‘Backseat Kicker’. In each situation you must choose the perfect amount of annoyance – annoy the passenger too little and she’ll end up leaving the train happy (which you really don’t want), but if you annoy her too much the your nemesis, the Vaguely Positive League will be alerted and shut you down.

It’s a short and very funny little game that puts you in the shoes of the irritating characters we’ve all encountered on public transport. Just spare a thought for Goatman the next time your train’s delayed!

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: Windows only

Download The Quite Annoying League Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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