The Rainman – Downloadable Game

The Rainman is a slasher movie inspired horror game where a young waitress attempts to avoid being murdered by a serial killer who appears when it rains.

Created by Copperbolt (creator of The Happyhills Homicide), The Rainman is an intense 2D pixel art horror game that draws inspiration from classic 80s slasher movies like Halloween and Friday The 13th. In the game you are a young waitress who works in a diner in the peaceful town of Crystalpine Grove. Or at least it WAS quiet, but lately a bloodthirsty serial killer has been on the loose and it seems he only hunts when it rains…

It’s a great little horror game that essentially makes you feel like Laurie Strode as you try to avoid death at the hands of the killer. It could perhaps do with a little more of the stealth gameplay (as most of the time you’re just running or making choices), but it’s a very tense game with some great scares and there are seven different endings to discover (most of which help to reveal a little more about the lore of the killer). Will you survive The Rainman?

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Shift – Run, E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Rainman Here

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