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the ritual game

The Ritual is a short and intense pixel art horror adventure in which you play a human sacrifice who must attempt to flee to safety from a dark entity with a thirst for the blood of innocent children.

You are a child, who has been left deep in the woods as a sacrifice to a mysterious monster, with the hope of your village receiving a bountiful harvest in return.  While this may be a good deal for the villagers and the dark entity, it’s not such a good deal for you – so as soon as you get the chance, you run for your life.  You’ll spend the whole game running in fact – as the entity chases you persistently.  You can sprint away from it for tiny bursts and you can get a little respite in the cave systems, but it’s pretty much an unstoppable killing machine that will hunt you down and slay you wherever you are.  There is some hope though – scattered throughout the forest are a variety of notes and objects which may aid your escape, if you can survive for long enough!

The Ritual is a tough and very tense little game.  The simple, but effective pixel art visuals manage to elicit a surprising amount of terror as the beast draws ever closer, and it’s easy to panic and get caught in a dead end.  Fast, fun and fiendishly frightening.

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement,  Shift – Sprint,  Spacebar – interact

Available On:  All Browsers

Note:  The browser version is a little buggy, for a better gameplay experience, you can download the game here

Play The Ritual Here

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