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the room tribute game

The Room Tribute is an incredible RPG adventure tribute to one of the greatest worst movies of all time, adding superb pixel art animation, lots of great easter eggs and a wicked sense of humor to the super cheesy dialogue and bizarre story of the original.

For those unaware of the cult masterpiece that is The Room, you should probably go and watch it now – it’s one of the worst movies ever made – full of bad acting, strange story choices and ridiculous dialogue that causes lots of unintentional hilarity.  If there was ever a movie that fell into the ‘so bad it’s good’ category, then it’s The Room – in-fact it’s so bad that it’s very good indeed (seriously go and watch it NOW!)

The Room Tribute is a perfect homage to the movie in all aspects but one – by rights any game based on The Room should be as terrible as the movie, but it’s actually very good! In it you take control of Johnny, a rather grotesque looking but good hearted banker in San Francisco with a beautiful young finance and a handsome best friend called Mark. If you haven’t seen the movie you can probably guess where it goes from there, but you can never be truly prepared for the ridiculous dialogue and the randomness of the script. The Room Tribute takes takes all the strange, awkward and terribly acted scenes from the movie and sculpts them into a thoroughly entertaining adventure, full of great pixel art animation, funny in jokes and easter eggs provide that provide plenty of laugh out loud moments (just wait till you see Dennys room!)

The Room Tribute actually manages to flip the ‘good movie to terrible video game adaptation’ trope on it’s head, by creating a great game from a terrible movie. It shows a lot of love for it’s source material and knows exactly where to poke fun at it too.  A great game in it’s own right and a must play if you’ve ever experienced the bizarre broken oddity the is The Room. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Room Tribute Here

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