The Rorschach Experiment – Downloadable Game

The Rorschach Experiment is a first person horror adventure where you phase in and out of reality to escape a laboratory that’s been destroyed by a freaky monster.

Created by a group of students at ETPA, The Rorschach Experimentis a first person horror adventure set in a mysterious laboratory that’s bring terrorized by a strange shadowy monster. You need to try to survive and escape the lab, which will be tricky. But thankfully you have a strange device that allows you to phase between realities.

When you phase into the alternate reality the world around you goes blurry, but it also allows you to see previously hidden objects and doors, giving you access to other areas of the facility. Another advantage to shifting into the alternate reality is that the monster can’t see you. So you can sneak past it without it noticing.

It’s a great little horror game with some great bits of game design (such as the videos playing on the monitors and the cool reality transition effect) and some inventire puzzle design. A creepy horror adventure where there’s always more than meets the eye.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download The Rorschach Experiment Here

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