The Shape of Time – Downloadable Game

The Shape of Time is a beautiful and eye-opening virtual art exhibition that’s filled with 3D representations of spacetime.

The game itself explains this concept better, but “space” and “time” two very different constructs. Space is WHERE things are and Time is WHEN things are. Spacetime is a combination of both – where things are at different times. To see spacetime you’d need to be able to see in four dimensions (which isn’t possible), but artist and developer Papo has created virtual 3D artworks that represent how 2D recordings of movement move over time (So if the movement recording exists in the X and Y axis then time exists on the Z axis.)

This all sounds very confusing, but it’s remarkably easy to wrap your head around after seeing some of the exhibits in The Shape of Time. A lot of the exhibits are interactive and allow you to see how the 3D spacetime artworks are formed by rewinding or fast forwarding time. It’s quite a mesmerizing experience watching the spacetime artworks form and it does things that no real physical art exhibition ever could. Highly recommended.

Note: After you’ve been in the museum be sure to pop back out again to have another look at the water fountain!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – interact, E/Q – Previous/Next

Available On: Windows

Download the Shape of Time Here

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