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The Shroom Project is a brutaly tough and blood splattered Mario parody that sees the Mushroom Kingdom Resistance rising up against an invading army of evil Mario clones and zombie Koopas!

In The Shroom Project the Mushroom Kingdom has been plunged into chaos as a malicious group of Mario clones have invaded, killing everything they sees and proclaiming that they have to ‘Save the Princess’. Not only are the Marios heavily armed, but they’ve also unleashed a zombie virus on the Koopa Kingdom, turning your once friendly allies into bloodthirsty monsters. It’s up to you and a newly formed Mushroom resistance group to fight back against this mysterious Mario menace and save the world – all the while accompanied by some thumping dubstep.

The Shroom Project is a fan made game that plays unlike most Mario games. Aside from the wonderfully silly narrative and blood splattered visuals, it also introduces guns. You can still jump on enemies heads, which can take a while to kill them, but thankfully you have an assortment of high powered weaponry at your disposal too – including handguns, rifles, mini-guns, grenade launchers and even the Kuribo’s Shoe from Super Mario Bros 3.

It’s a fun game that turns the tables on the traditional Mario narrative and gameplay to create a bizarre, blood splattered slice of action platforming mayhem. The character controls and level design aren’t quite as refined as Nintendo’s efforts, but it’s still a very impressive game – the main criticism is the thumping dubstep soundtrack, which is fun initially, but really starts to grate after a while!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Jump, Z – Pick-Up/Use Weapon, Spacebar – Drop Weapon

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Shroom Project Here

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