The Sierpinski Zoom Game – Browser Game

The Sierpinski Zoom Game is an eye melting little browser based game that sees you attempting to stay within a constantly zooming version of the Sierpinski Triangle without slipping into an empty white void.

The Sierpinski Triangle is a well known Fractal that’s essentially a large equilateral triangle that’s subdivided into an infinite number of smaller equilateral triangles. In The Sierpinski Zoom Game your aim is to navigate the Sierpinski Triangle as it constantly zooms in to wherever you have your cursor pointed. You need to avoid slipping into the white void in the middle of a triangle as then you won’t have anything to zoom into and it’ll be game over.

It’s a very disorientating, hypnotic and sometimes nauseating experience as you attempt to navigate the triangle – especially as the zoom increases in speed. Achieving a high score may be more of a test of your ability to avoid vomiting than your fast reflexes!

Controls: Mouse – Move Cursor to Zoom Into That Point

Available On: All Browsers (Chrome Recommended)

Play The Sierpinski Zoom Game Here

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