The Simpsons Arcade Games – Kevin Costner’s Waterworld, Larry The Looter & Escape From Grandma’s House

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The talented game dev Gumpyfunction got tired of not being able to play the gag arcade games seen in The Simpsons, so he’s made his own!  Kevin Costner’s Waterworld, Larry The Looter and Escape From Grandma’s House are now all painstakingly recreated for your pleasure.

The games are all perfect renditions of those seen on the TV show, nailing the animation, visual style and humor.  Escape from Grandma’s House (from ‘Bart gets an F’, season 2) offers the best gameplay and Larry the Looter (from ‘Radio Bart’, season 3) has challenging gameplay and in-jokes, but Kevin Costner’s Waterworld (from ‘The springfield files’, season 8) offers the biggest laugh.  Those that have seen the gag in the show will know what’s coming, but it’s still great to experience it in person.

All three games are a perfect homage to the Simpsons TV show, hopefully Grumpyfunction continues his excellent work as we’d love to see Bonestorm and Escape From Death Row recreated too!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Escape from Grandma’s House Here

Download Larry the Looter Here

Download Kevin Costner’s Waterworld

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