The Space Sim – Downloadable Game

The Space Sim allows you to plan and simulate massive space battles with hundreds of ships fighting to the death as laser-fire fills the screen.

The Space Sim essentially takes the TABS style sandbox warfare simulation and transports it to space, allowing you to simulate epic space battles between hundreds of ships. There are over 20 unique ships, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and it has three different game modes (Campaign Mode, Random Scenario Mode and Sandbox Mode). Campaign Mode has set battles that you have a limited amount of funds to buy ships with, Random Scenario is similar but the enemy fleets are totally randomized and the Sandbox Mode allows you total freedom to plan both sides of the battle.

You can try to find the optimal loadouts of ships to deal with enemy fleets or you can just max out your spending limit on random ships that look cool. Either way, the battles really are something to behold as ships swarm across the battlefield and projectiles fill the screen. It’s a mesmerizing ballet of intergalactic carnage and you’re in charge of it all. Which feels very good indeed.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

AVailable On: Windows & Mac

Download The Space Sim Here

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