The Stairwell Experiments – Downloadable Game

The Stairwell Experiments is an intense little SCP based first person horror game where you’re given tasks to perform whilst descending a seemingly endless stairwell.

In The Stairwell Experiments you are a test subject who has been sent in to investigate SCP-087 – a seemingly endless stairwell with a crying child in its depths and an apparition (SCP-087-1) that stalks you as you descend it. As you descend you’re told to carry our three different experimental tasks, all while avoiding SCP-087-1 and avoiding falling to your death through any holes in the stairwells.

The Stairwell Experiments does have some frustrations, such as expecting you to descend 50 floors without a checkpoint in the final section) and the ending is a little anticlimactic, but it’s a very tense and atmospheric experience. The FAITH style voice works well, there’s a nice mixture of ways to deal with SCP-087-1 and the audio design is excellent. A terrifying descent into the depths.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Spacebar – Jump, LMB – Deterrence

Available On: Windows

Download The Stairwell Experiments Here

2 thoughts on “The Stairwell Experiments – Downloadable Game”

  1. Hi, I’m the dev of this game.

    Very nice review of the game, it actually matches my own opinions on my game fairly well!
    This is the first game I’ve released, and I found it VERY hard to gauge how well the atmosphere actually worked after I had play tested it so many times. I’m glad it was enjoyable. : )

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