The Tamperdrome Collection – Browser Game

The Tamperdrome Collection

The Tamperdrome Collection is a bizarre experience that allows you to randomly generate dogs, islands, ghosts, cats, strange beings and troupes of goblins, all represented in a strangely unsettling greyscale pixel art visual style.

There are six different elements to The Tamperdrome Collection, allowing you to create various different oddities, but it’s the cats, the ghosts and the islands that are the most fun to play around with.  Different randomly generated islands are created depending on what co-ordinates you put in, whilst different ghosts and cats are randomly generated depending on what names you give them, each with their own unique generated soundscapes.  So if you type in your name you can see what you’ll look like as a cat!

The ghosts can be a little creepy, but strangely enough it’s the cats that will freak you out the most, with their blank unblinking stare as they peer out the screen at you.  It’s a very odd, unique and unsettling randomly generated experience.

Controls:  Type!

Available On:  All Browsers

Play The Tamperdome Collection Here

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