The Tax Collector – Downloadable Game

The Tax Collector is a short 1-bit styled point and click adventure where you have a very limited time to figure out what to do before an invisible tax man breaks into your house and kills you.

Created for the 1-BIT Jam, The Tax Collector is a short, stylish and creepy horror game about a deadly invisible tax man. It seems you have an unpaid debt and the taxman is coming to collect it. So now after entering your home you have about 60 seconds to figure out how to pay that debt or stop him. You’ll die quite a lot in the process!

It would be nice if it was a little more fleshed out, but considering the time restraints of the game jam it’s a great little game. The 1-bit visual style and rotoscoped animations are very cool, there are three endings to uncover and the lore of the murderous monstrous taxman is intriguing. Time to pay your taxes!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Interact, E – Use

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play The Tax Collector Here

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