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The Things We Lost In The Flood is a beautiful little meditative game where you row a boat through a flooded world and share secrets with other players using messages in bottles.

In The Things We Lost In The Flood you control a little human survivor who rows a tattered old boat through a mysterious flooded world. The flooding started in April 14th, 1993 when a tap turned on in the Atlantic and now most of the world is submerged in water.

You row your way through randomized waterscapes, discovering secrets, upgrading your boat and writing messages to other players. You’ll never see another player on the ocean but you will find the occasional message in a bottle from them, which you can fish out and read. At any time you can press the “Tab” key to start writing a message in a bottle too, on which you can write anything you like then toss it into the water for others to find.

The majority of your time in The Things We Lost In The Flood is spent enjoying the scenery or writing messages, but there are some puzzle elements too. There are weird spider creatures to defeat, discs to collect and deposit, secret words to discover and there’s even a secret password to find (which will most likely require players to deposit a certain amount of discs and share secrets via bottle messages). It all makes for a beautiful, relaxing and fascinating experience exploring the watery world of The Things We Lost In The Flood. Highly recommended.

Controls: A/D – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, E- Grab, Tab – Write

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Things We Lost In The Flood Here

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