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The Topologies of Zelda: Triforce is a head melting non-euclidean puzzle adventure in which you attempt to collect three Triforce pieces while traversing a The Legend of Zelda’s inspired 2D world that’s mapped onto rotatable 3D structures.

In The Topologies of Zelda: Triforce, you start the game similarly as in the original The Legend of Zelda game, with you grabbing a sword from a old man in a cave then setting out into the world to explore and battle monsters. However, it’s not long until you stumble across something you never saw in the original – three dimensional structures!

The three dimensional structures have 2D levels mapped onto them and you have to solve puzzles and fight monsters to open up the pathway to the next one. The 3D structures that the levels are mapped onto are basic geometric shapes (donuts, spheres, cubes, etc.), but the 2D levels and your character still behaves as they would when mapped on a flat surface – this means that things can get a little confusing as up becomes down, left becomes right and you have to manually rotate the structures to follow your character.

The whole thing is very confusing, but very cleverly implemented and is accompanied by a narrative of two friends discussing insightful thoughts on navigation in game design. The final level may make you want to scream, but it’s worth completing it as it unlocks a new weapon you can use on your next playthrough, which you can use to discover new secrets! Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Attack, Arrow Keys – Rotate World

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Note: Be sure to pay attention to what the women in the caves say before you go on!

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Topologies of Zelda: Triforce Here

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