The Tube Adventure – Browser Game

The Tube Adventure

The Tube Adventure is a very funny and super random point and click adventure in which you go an a short and super silly quest with many possible endings.

You play a genderless thingy who gets teleported into a strange tube world by a powerful wizard. When you first enter the world, you’re presented with three different Mario-esque pipes that you can teleport to and have some very odd adventures. Pipe one features pure random silliness that is bound to raise a smile, while pipes 2 and 3 (once unlocked) offer more fully formed (but just as silly) adventures.

There is an overarching quest of sorts, but on the whole you’re best just clicking on stuff and seeing what ridiculous things happen. And there’s a LOT of ridiculous stuff to see!

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Tube Adventure Here

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