The Two Rivers Hypothesis – Downloadable Game

The Two Rivers Hypothesis is an existential subsea horror game where you pilot a manned submersible vehicle in a facility that researched lateral entropy.

In The Two Rivers Hypothesis you use the mouse to operate the controls on the side of the screen and pilot your way through a flooded research facility. The facility was researching mysterious entities that are capable of transferring entropy from one stream (closed system) to another, therefore reducing the entropy in one while increasing it in another. However, it seems that something went wrong, which you’ll learn about on your journey.

The mouse-based control scheme does feel a little cumbersome (a controller set-up such as the ones real ROVs and submersibles would be preferable), but it’s a great little game with an intriguing physics-heavy narrative. The environment is well constructed and the story has plenty of depth (pun intended!)

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download The Two Rivers Hypothesis Here

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