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The Uber Game

The Uber Game is an insightful little business management game that sees you living out a week in the life of an Uber driver, chasing fares, ratings and bonuses to make enough cash to pay your mortgage.

The Uber Game draws on real life reporting and interviews with Uber drivers to deliver a realistic simulation of life as an Uber driver. Playable in easy mode (with you living in San Francisco) or hard mode (with you living in Sacramento), you have just one week to make the $1000 you need to pay your mortgage. After making your choice of car and useful extras such as a business licence and a car cleaning kit, you set out into the streets to try and make some cash…

You can earn a reasonable amount of money in The Uber Game but you really have to put in the hours, chase price surges and qualifying for bonuses by completing a certain amount of fares within time limits. Even if you work hard you’ll have a lot of expenses though and (especially in hard mode) it can be very hard to end up walking away with more than minimum wage.

You also have to deal with difficult passengers – drunks, food eaters, people who want you to break the law and others who may even accidentally damage your car. You can be quiet and comply, refuse their requests and risk getting a bad rating or refuse their fares and lose out on the cash you would of earned.

It’s an interesting game that not only gives you an insight into the life of an Uber driver, but also the policies of the Uber company as a whole. It’s probably not much of a surprise that it’s not a very good company to work for but it’s still remarkable how much they expect you to deal with for so little in return. An enlightening week in the life of an Uber driver.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Uber Game Here

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