The Vault – Browser Game

The Vault is a very challenging online puzzle game in which the first person to solve 12 increasingly tough riddles will win $4000!

In The Vault you are tasked with solving a series of deviously designed puzzles, with a promise of a $4000 cash prise (or $5000 credit with Stash invest). There are 12 puzzles in total, with each requiring experimentation, research and paying close attention to clues within the game – including hints in the URL and the elements in the code of the webpages.

At the current time of writing, the first eight puzzles have been solved, but you can still play through them and see if you can solve them yourself, or you can just skip to the ninth puzzle and try to grab that cash prize. Needless to say it’s a pretty tough puzzler with some complicated solutions, but it’s well worth checking out for for a real test of your grey matter and a possibility of a $4000 prise at the end of it!

Tip: Play The Vault in Google Chrome so you can inspect the page code easily (Right Click, then click “Inspect”)

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: All Browsers (Chrome Recommended)

You Can Read The Terms and Conditions Here

You Can Find Hints For The First Puzzles Here

You Can Find Solutions For The First Eight Puzzles Here

Play The Vault Here

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