The Wall – Browser Game

The Wall is essentially a massively multiplayer clicker where players decide to be Builders or Breakers then attempt to either build or destroy Trump’s border wall brick by brick.

In The Wall you can choose which side of Trump’s wall debate you stand on by either building or destroying it in digital form. You choose a side, then select which state you want to work in (California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas), then you just tap on different areas to either build or destroy the wall, all the while A Trump-like voiceover makes silly Trump quips. As you progress you earn XP which you can use to unlock new characters, but you’re also slowed down by only being able to demolish/build up to 1600 blocks a day.

The gameplay in The Wall is ultimately a little too shallow to keep you playing for long (and the 1600 blocks a day limit is just dumb) but it’s a fun concept that could be expanded on in interesting ways. Are you a Builder or a Breaker?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Wall Here

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