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The Way Down is a thoroughly bizarre narrative-driven adventure where you walk through a surreal landscape, meet weird characters and make weird decisions.

It’s hard to accurately explain what The Way Down actually is – it’s part visual novel, part roguelike adventure and it sees you wandering between random events in a vast open void. You’ll meet a lot of quirky characters along the way and you can have some very odd conversations with them. The choices you make at random events and during conversations can affect your stats, but it’s unclear if your stats have any effects at all (one of your stats is “kneecaps” for god’s sake!). Wander enough and you will reach an ending, but it’s unlikely you’ll be any the wiser about what has just transpired.

Whatever The Way Down is, it’s a lot of fun and it throws up some wonderfully weird surprises along the way. The visual style and UI are very unique and it’s certainly the most eventful little walk you’re likely to take for some time. An odd little adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download The Way Down Here

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